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With a wide range of possibilities, your scope of work sets the parameters for the project.

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Students from BYU-Idaho and Ensign College work on your projects from campus or remotely from across the globe.

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Enjoy Low Costs

Get work done at a reasonable price based on the level of service you choose.

Tailored Solutions to Your Business Needs

Save time -

By selecting a RBDC product that meets your needs, our project team will deliver results without a large investment of your time.

Focus on the outcome -

Each product type has been selected and developed to fit within the 13-week timeframe and to facilitate consistent and valuable outcomes.

Make a difference, locally and around the globe -

Regardless of location, you will be helping BYU-Idaho and Ensign students get meaningful work experience.

Boost productivity -

Our guided student teams will work on carefully outlined projects, allowing you to stay focused on your primary responsibilities.

Expand potential hiring pool -

Find possible candidates for internships and full-time positions from talented BYU-Idaho and Ensign College students.


Project Options


Basic Products

The scope and deliverables for each of these projects has been pre-defined by the RBDC. 

Clients can expect set deliverables upon project completion.

5-Week Projects

Each Product is Valued at $500

Website Outline

Website Content

Marketing Campaign

Social Media Content

One-Year Growth Plan

Competitive Analysis

10-Week Projects

Each Product is Valued at $1,000

Market Research

Feasibility Study

Best Practices Analysis

Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Training Materials


Basic Plus Projects

 The client, in collaboration with the RBDC,  defines the scope and deliverables for a Basic Plus Project before the start date.

Basic plus scopes are limited to client experience, student capabilities, and time available.


Online Course Translation

Bertelsen Education needed their online courses translated into Spanish. RBDC interns worked under a project manager provided by Bertelsen Education to translate both text and video of their professional development content.

Grant Research

The St Luke’s church in Idaho Falls is seeking grants to fund a fence on a city park.  RBDC intern researched the top five grant opportunities, gathered supporting documents, and wrote the rough draft grants. It was the client’s responsibility to edit/rewrite the grant before submission.

Community Needs Assessment

RBDC interns conducted a competitive analysis, benchmarked industry practices, and lead a community needs assessment for Prime Oak Capital out of Los Angeles.

Rebranding & Product Photography

The client needed help branding and marketing her products.  RBDC interns researched in the industry and target audience, developed a new brand for the products and photographed the products in the RBDC’s social media room to provide the client with professional marketing content.


Advanced Projects

 The client, in collaboration with the RBDC,  defines the scope and deliverables for an Advanced Project before the start date.

Students can be recruited from specific majors and are paid a stipend for their tuition.  Additionally, the RBDC provides an industry mentor for each of the teams to work with, providing the client with accurate data and reasonable recommendations.


Larsen Farms - Market Research

The purpose of this project was to conduct comprehensive market research to support the expansion of hay sales for Larsen Farms.  The focus was on identifying potential markets, analyzing income levels, assessing supply and demand, understanding buyer profiles, and investigating competitors.

City of Ammon - Building Recommendations

The City of Ammon was rebuilding the swimming pool in their recreation center. Over a couple of semesters, RBDC interns provided recommendations based off research of similar renovations.  Additionally, all investment information was provided.

Garden City, Utah - Rebranding

RBDC interns created rebranding content for Garden City, Utah using data collected by previous teams.  Garden City plans to implement the majority of the team’s recommendations and expects to see quite a difference.

We Geek Together - Small Business Best Practices

The RBDC worked with We Geek Together as they sought to open their brick and mortar storefront in Provo, Utah.  RBDC interns evaluated their operations, policies, and strategies to identify and implement effective and efficient methods for achieving their goals.

Advanced Marketing

Community Development

Program Optimization

Web Development

Business Strategy and Planning

Additional Projects

Frequently Asked

What if I don't know what type of project I need?

Give us a call anyways!  We’d be happy to learn about your business and what your needs are.

How do I get the right students on my project?

Students select Basic Projects based off the project description.  Make sure that your executive summary is descriptive and sets forth specific requirements (ie. able to speak Spanish).

Students can be recruited for Advanced Projects to ensure the project is staffed with qualified student interns.

Does the RBDC provide project managers?

Yes, the RBDC will provide a project manager for each project.  The role of the project manager will be to keep the students on track and ensure the client is satisfied with the final deliverables.  Project managers do not typically take part in project tasks.

Can I do multiple basic products at the same time?

Yes, products are often combined to make a larger project.  If your project includes multiple basic products, it becomes a Basic Plus project.

What does my participation in the project look like?

As a client, you will have regular meetings with your student team throughout the duration of your project.  These meetings will likely be once a week.  You’ll direct your team on what needs to be accomplished and respond with feedback.